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Cerebral Palsy Websites

Charities, organisations and groups supporting children, adults and families affected by Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral palsy is the general term for a number of neurological conditions that affect movement and co-ordination

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Cerebral Palsy Sport
Cerebral Palsy Sport is the UK's leading national sport disability sport organisation supporting people with cerebral palsy to reach their sporting potential
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United Cerebral Palsy
Acrossthe US, UCP educates, advocates and provides support services to ensure a life without limits for people with a spectrum of disabilities. UCP works to advance the independence, productivity and full citizenship of people with disabilities through an affiliate network that has helped millions.
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Indian Institute of Cerebral Palsy
Seeks to bring about positive changes in the lives of all people with cerebral palsy through a range of policies and service provisions designed to enhance their individual skills and knowledge and give them opportunities to exercise their constitutional rights and fully participate and contribute to the community and country.
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Cerebral Palsy Australia
The national peak body of organisations that work with people with cerebral palsy and people with similar disabilities and their carers.
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The Cerebral Palsy Support Foundation of Canada
Provide a resource for possible funding and information on assistive devices and a new program for low cost individual and family professional financial savings solutions
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